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REF: OR2138

Cabinet Ref. 24143, 182x44x222 height (cm)
Handcrafted piece of furniture, carving, with Black Lacquer finish
Asta Marbled finish and details in Gold Leaf

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High Quality handcrafted piece of Furniture, relying on historical cabinetmaking design and traditions. Artistic carving, also handmade by artisan cabinetmakers. It features an elegant finish based on experience from furniture designers, traditional and beauty. The ironwork being artistic and stemming from the same traditional history, as well; manufactured with noble metals and Antiquarian patina finishes. You can Purchase Furniture Online here

Modern Classic Furniture

It includes transparent glass doors with 4linked and sized drawers, being the interior finished together with the shelves in the same artistic finish than the external look of the cabinet.

Essential piece of furniture and especially adapted as an accompaniment to many of the most noble atmospheres of a House, Mansion or Palace. For living room, dining room, entrance hall: as a container/displayer for important and delicate collections, artistic crystal or decorated porcelain dinner services. Also for office room: as a bookcase for important books or collections, historical dossiers or professional encyclopedias. Modern Classic Furniture

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Living and Dining Room Furniture also indicated, in pair, to decorate both sides of a marble (or a different fossil stone, even carved noble wood and patina, antiquarian or one specifically designed for that space) chimney.

It matches perfectly with other auxiliary pieces, armchairs, and so on, especially indicated for a perfect finish to a beauty and elegant design in a House, Mansion or Palace.

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