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REF: OR2008 3 Seat Sofa Ref. 1185, 206x96x94 height (cm)

REF: OR2484 4 Seat Sofa Ref. 1185, 260x96x94 height (cm)

REF: OR2485 2 Seat Sofa Ref. 1185, 172x96x94 height (cm)

REF: OR2486 Armchair Ref. 1185, 110x96x94  height (cm)

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Luxury Velvet Sofas | Luxury Sofas

Upholstered in an exquisite velvet Damask in combination with plain velvet. Upholstery of the highest quality in order to provide with warm to luxury and glamorous atmospheres. We can provide with material/fabric by meter for the cushion, curtain, armchair and any accessory upholstered making. Hand-made luxury sofas , including solid wood frame plywood; filled with materials of the highest quality and density. Goose feather or mixture cushions.

The hardness of the seat can be adjusted to client’s needs. As they are handcrafted, they can be tailor-made and/or adapted to a group of seats, perimeter or any other shape, based also on client’s wishes. Singular and indispensable piece of furniture in all the atmospheres of a House or Mansion. Our luxury velvet sofas are characterized for the quality of the frames (all hand-made) and for the quality of the upholstery (made by expert upholsterers). Artisans and artists all at once. Some of them used to maintenance and restoration works of upholstered furniture in Museums and Historical Palaces in different countries. Having excellent and comfortable seats for the different members of a family or group of people; also offering the possibility to modify the comfort characteristics; harder/softer seat and/or back, or one softer and one harder…

A Whole world of possibilities so together with their very own aesthetic characteristics they can also be integrated in a beauty and exquisite decoration and can also be enjoyed in all their comfort. Representative model, with a classic and traditional line for a high quality aesthetic decoration, rich in shapes and composition. Personal and refined.