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REF: OR2001 Atmosphere OR2001, elegant and refined, with seating area and auxiliar furniture.

REF: OR2004 Sofa Ref.1170 255/225x104x98 height (cm), Walnut overlay with tassel and legs in Walnut.

REF: OR2375 Chest of drawers Ref.4151/26 128x59x94 height (cm), with Swarovski crystal details.

REF: OR2044 Armchair Ref.1204 71x85x96 height (cm).

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Sofa Design | Luxury Sofas OnLine

Sofa upholstered in exclusive material from our collection of samples. Chest of drawers upholstered in decorated leather. Black Patina, Cherry and Silver 20 finish. Armchair upholstered in exclusive material from our collection of samples. Antiquarian Cherry finish and Gold leaf. It is also possible to upholster in fabric or leather provided by the client.

Exquisite sofa design for a very personal atmosphere in a House or Mansion. Special, for vey special people. People looking for comfort, elegant and refined aesthetic, without giving up the representativeness of their social importance. Handcrafted sofas, chest of drawers and armchairs, delicate finishes without any crease or protuberance. Made for just by being touched, falling in love with them. Sofas we can customize, without important additional costs, as it is usually demanded and we stand ready to satisfy our clients, who appreciate and prestige our works.See more Luxury Sofas OnLine in our site.

Luxury Sofas

2, 3, 4 seat luxury Sofas, corner units easy to be adapted to any space and arrmchairs, are pieces that
complement this collection.

Luxury Sofa Design

Comfortable, finished in Lacquer with Patina, solid woods, carved and patinated or upholstered in Leather with an exquisite decoration, complementing an aesthetic, elegant and glamorous atmosphere. Representative
and personal at the same time. Upholstery that really make the sofas and armchairs, while make the curtains, at the same time. We can do that. Coordinatedly and separately. With braids and net curtains. Closing the circle of beauty. Pieces that complemented with carpets, accesories and lams will constitute a special whole, representative, very elegant and refined. The best Luxury Sofa Design, atmospheres where all dreams are dressed with a reality language and where reality becomes a dream.