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REF: OR2145   Sideboard Ref.4143/14, 232x50x101 height (cm).

REF: OR2146   Mirror Ref.4143/17, 180x9x134 height (cm).

REF: OR2147   Cabinet Ref.4143, 182x44x222 height (cm).

REF: OR2148   Dining room Table Ref. 4064/73, 250x130x75 height (cm).

REF: OR2149   Chair Ref.1099, 63x60x105 height (cm).

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Complete Serie of classical, atemporal dining room furniture. Based on a collection of historical, artistic designs Made up of a set of pieces which are necessary for representative and elegant dining room furnishings, displaying a unique aesthetic integration. It does not entail the purchase of all the elements. They can be acquired separately or just some.

6-8 people dining room table, also featuring the matching chairs from the same Serie.

Sideboard and cabinet completing the space for Crystal and Dinner set.

Decorative mirror. And decorative elements, fulfilling client's wishes.

Manufactured in solid woods with exclusive Laquer and Marble finishes by artisan experts and cabinetmakers.

A true artistic richness for a better Luxury Interior Design and more exquisite finish, based on our samples.

It is possible to custom-made any piece of this Serie. It is also possible to make larger tables (up to 16, 20, 30 or even more people). Take a look to our catalog, this is one of the Best Furniture Stores.

Luxury Dinning Room Furniture sets

Luxury dining room furniture sets for the integration in a project on in a unique spaces. It does not need to depend on any other decorative element to have its own space. Its own personality. Nevertheless, if the client demands so, we can adapt the finish to a sample provided by the client, for a better integration. Pieces and furniture of a high representative and aesthetic value, perfectly fitting into many spaces in a House or Mansion. High quality pieces that when fixed in an atmosphere, and together with other elements, such as carpets, lamps, pedestal… will conform a set difficult to be matched. Completely personal.