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REF: OR2200

Double Console Ref. 4073/9, 250x55x81 height (cm)
Handcrafted piece, carving, with Beige Lacquer finish
Asta Marbled decoration and details in Gold Leaf

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Interiors Furniture

Renewed classic style console and decorated following historic designs. Manufactured in solid wood and carved by our artisan cabinetmakers, it is presented in an exquisite lacquered finish, including Asta color Marble (from our collection of samples) and Gold leaf details. Manufactured in the referenced sizing, it is also subject to custom-making. Moreover, it is also possible to have it in different finishes and colors, in perfect armony with your Interiors Furniture.

Indoor Outdoor Furniture

We dispose of a collection of samples for different finishes and noble woods for the piece and samples and colors from the client are welcome for adaptations in a larger project. Its quality, design and beauty make this console an essential piece for a luxury and glamorous atmosphere. As an atemporal and full of personality piece, it is easy to be adapted to almost any already existing client’s decoration. Or it is also subject to be included in an design project as Indoor-Outdoor Furniture.

Luxury Hotel Decoration

As the back of a sofa, for supporting a valuable French watch and a pair of candelabra. As a fundamental element under an important painting, as a support which complements this important work of art, even as its support. In a large hall, by pairs, on both sides of a door, in a palace style hall or in the corridors of a luxury house or an elegant mansion. Also suitable as Luxury Hotel Decoration. In any case, it will be the final detail for an important and representative high class space.