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Luxury Furniture is a Tesalia owned project. A Company especialized in furnishing and designing exclusive, customized and unique spaces. High level. For the most demanding clients, on a high social status, that ask for top quality, elegance and customization. Luxury and sumptuousity. The prestige of our Company has been gained through 38 years of experience, providing with furnishing, Luxury interior design and decoration to exclusive clients, with the highest aesthetic and quality demands, including vast needs for representativeness. Everywhere. From their own homes to the offices and executive premises. The best on Luxury Home Furniture. Unique homes, glamour, beauty, elegance and comfort. A world of refinement to share and to enjoy life with all the people around us. Executive premises and offices, unique and meaningful, representing the professional prestige. This is probably one of the most specialized Online Furniture Stores you could ever find.

Manufacturers, handcrafters and also Italian Luxury Furniture and spanish artists, representing the most well known brands and names, due to their quality and design, reproducing furniture and shapes from every age. For a unique home, historical designs, easily recognizable and also practical. Many of them are today part of large antiquary collections, museums and artistic institutions all over the world. Exclusive designs with noble materials, rich solid woods and fine artistic finishes. Upholstery and every detail. Wax, hand polished varnish. Rich silk, damask, organza, moire, exquisite cotton, exclusive leather, pure flower...conforming all just a representative selection of our proposals in order to complete your elegant world & home, full of beauty. Your personal and representative office. Marble, alabaster, bronza, patina and gold/silver plated finishes, all making our proposals be exclusive, customizable and elegant. We are experts. Tesalia Luxury Furniture Stores.