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REF: OR8014

ALLEGORY OF DANCE Chryselefantine Sculpture Ref.801432B Enamel Bronze, Antiquarian Patina, of 46x103 height.

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Luxury home decor | Luxury office decoration

In this section we pay tribute to the artists who by means of sculpture or paintings, or any other art form remind us each day that men and women could not live without beauty. We would have castrated our invisible part that makes us feel and enjoy all the aspects of luxury home decor and luxury office decoration. And the beauty is the fuel that moves us toward that emotional part which does not let us give up. Moral beauty, material beauty, sensitive beauty. And nobody is more prepared to talk about it than an artist. Through his work speaks without words . Telling us a sweet and living story where hope lives and where the answers live. It is to these heavenly, ethereal, big and genious whom we tribute . Modest and happy. Sculpture, painting, photography, mainly, among other manifestations, which you can enjoy in our most transgressor section, where the aesthetic order nor rationality cannot be recognized. Here they are, here they will be, all sort of beauty, no edges , no style rituals without corsets that sizes the imagination, the creativity. Those who excite us will always be, with paintings or photographs, sculptures or other materials, to make sense to your home, to your mansion, your office. You will love them the way you love what excites you, completing your surroundings unknowingly, decorating your space in silence, shouting its loneliness loud and the luck to be so beautiful. They will claim their space and your eyesight, will wear nudity and will provide with strength and light to your space, where you will, unknowingly, tell them.

Luxury sculptures | Luxury decor

Art is an unlearned language, it is emotion without a soul , it is a pleasure and beauty engine that speaks without words the most beautiful poems. And it is transgression. Do not look for aesthetics, as this would let you down; look for it by its personality, when it tells you of love or beauty, shape or color, space or time, history or men. Put it where you would never expect, as there, in its olympus will reign. And if it is true art (never rough copies or appearances!), it will emerge and create an environment and a special world that will complete what is meant to be useful. Never as beautiful as when it is so well together, as one piece, artistic, of any characteristic and any value. You only need to be seduced by it, telling you in silence of love and of entering into your life through the main door. Making you dream of the most beautiful home in the world. Your home. Timeless, complementing any type of furniture, luxury sculptures or new trend in luxury decor. Art well worths your effort and nothing is the same without it.